What are the sizes and weight limits for bags?

Personal Items: Personal items can be no larger than 14” tall, 18” wide, and 8” long. Personal items must  fit completely within the personal item portion of the bag sizer. Think purses, totes, computer bags, briefcases, and kids backpacks!

Carry-On Baggage: Carry-On Bags can be no larger than 24” tall, 10” wide, and 16” long (including handles, wheels, and straps) and no heavier than 35 pounds. Carry-on Bags may be placed in the overhead compartment or under the seat. Think large backpacks, small duffel bags and small suitcases/wheeled bags!

Checked Baggage: Checked bags must be no larger than 62 linear inches (that’s length + width + depth) and no heavier than 40 pounds. Baggage that is 41-50 pounds and 51-99 pounds will have an additional charge. Bags that exceed these limits will have an additional charge for each bag that is overweight and a separate charge for each oversized bag, and bags weighing 100 pounds or more are not accepted. Additionally, bags in excess of 110 linear inches will not be accepted. Think large duffel bags, large suitcases and sporting equipment. More Info

Don't forget to purchase your bag ahead of time - Prices are higher at the airport!

If you purchased a bundle, a carry-on and/or checked bag may be included!

For a list of items that may be checked or carried at no charge and do not count towards a passengers baggage allowance, including medical assistive devices, wheelchairs, and essential baby items, please visit our Contract of Carriage

For more information on baggage, visit our Baggage page.