Do Travel Miles expire?

Miles in a Member’s account do not expire so long as the Member generates accrual activity every twelve months; this includes any purchase activity on the FRONTIER Airlines World Mastercard. Unredeemed mileage accumulated in your account will expire at the end of the twelve-month period after a Member’s last accrual activity data. If your miles are about to expire you have the following options: 

a. Accrue: Earn miles prior to your miles expiring by making a purchase on, your FRONTIER Airlines World Mastercard or using one of our other earn partners.  

b. Use: You can redeem your miles. If you have 10,000 miles or more, you may have flight options with Frontier Airlines. For other redemption options you may be able to redeem with our partner Mags for Miles.  

c. Donate: You can donate your unused miles to non-profit charitable organizations. The donation is not tax deductible, but you’ll be donating to a great cause and this option is completely no cost to the member. For assistance in donating your miles, please contact us at (801) 401-9000.