How to cancel my trip?

If you need to cancel your travel plans, you can cancel your reservation on our website or app.  

To cancel on the website go to “My Trips/Check-In”. 

Access your booking by entering your “Last Name” and “Confirmation Code”, then press the “Search” button.


Then click “Cancel Booking” from your Trip Confirmation screen. Then follow the steps to cancel your booking. 


To make changes to your departure or destination in the app:

The app can be added to your mobile phone by visiting Android or iOS

Once you have the app loaded on your phone, access the app 

Tap on the “3 bars” on the top left of the screen


Tap My Flights


Key your “Last Name” and “Confirmation Code”. Then tap the “Retrieve” button to display your booking


Select “Change Flight



Proceed through the screens with your changes.

For more information about our cancelation policies, visit our policy at Cancel A Ticket